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Our company takes samples and makes analyses of all types of waste waters.  

Such services are provided to companies involved in ecology and dealing in the elimination of environmental damage; as well as to companies working in waste management and the treatment of water.

Our clients also include small entrepreneurs and private persons (e.g. for the purpose of final building approvals and follow-up monitoring of the quality of waste water).

We render services in:

  • Analysis of waste water in the extent of Government Decree No. 61/2003 Coll. in sense of NV 229/2007 Coll., which defines indicators and limits for permissible levels of contamination of surface and waste waters
  • Analysis of waste water discharged into surface waters for the purpose of determining the water rates according to Appendix No.  2 of the current version of Act  254/2001 Coll. (Water Act) and the current version of Decree of the Czech Ministry of the Environment No. 293/2002 Coll., determining fees for the discharge of waste waters into surface waters
  • Analysis of waste water in the extent of the current version of Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 428/2001 Coll., which stipulates the extent and frequency of waste water measurements from waste water treatment plants and sewage waters not brought to a  waste water treatment plant
  • Analysis of waste waters from waste water treatment plants for the purpose of applying the correct technology and inspection of the quality of waste water treatmen
  • Analysis of waste water in the extent determined by a decision on water rights or other regulations  

Water analyses

Water in private wells is exempt from water analysis as the law does not provide for compulsory analyses of water from private wells.

However, if you provide your water to somebody else, e.g. your neighbour, then you are obliged by law to arrange for a water analysis. And this is where we can help you. We can make such an analysis for you at a very favourable price.

Almost 80 per cent of wells in the Czech Republic do not meet the required conditions. Mostly the problem is in exceeded nitrate levels.

To avoid paying a high penalty and eliminate possible risks to your health, please do not hesitate to contact us and have analyses of your water made.


In the documents section you can find our new Certificate of accreditation according to the new standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018


For our customers we offer services of waste management, for example: Implementation and operation of complex systems of waste management, classification of waste and much more ...

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