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We are accredited for providing comprehensive acoustic services to industrial companies, designing offices and studios, and/or building societies,  and we can also offer to make measurements and provide consulting services to  physical entities and public at large.

We  measure noise levels in the open, in residential houses as well as working environment. We can also arrange for measurements of vibrations and illumination by means of accredited subcontracting.

  • measuring noise levels in working, internal environment is part of measuring physical values  in the framework of occupational hygiene

  • measuring noise levels in the open is an inseparable part of approval proceedings for new constructions, monitoring existing facilities and their impact on the surrounding areas; it is also a base document for making noise studies
  • our services also include the elaboration of noise studies for all stages of design documentation, reports and documents related to the assessment of impacts on the environment (EIA), assessing concepts,  development plans and amendments thereof with the SEA process.

Extent of noise measurement:

  • measuring noise levels from road, railway, air and shipping transport
  • monitoring noise from construction activities
  • monitoring noise from social, musical and sport events
  • measuring noise levels at work places, within  our comprehensive services we also offer to measure pollutants in working environment
  • elaborating  proposals for the categorisation of workers according to noise hazards
  • measuring noise levels in environment outside workplaces -  measuring stationary sources of noise (ventilation systems, boiler rooms, cooling units, lifts, etc. )
  • determining the volume of sound of machinery and other equipment
  • assessing  noise levels in the neighbourhood of noisy facilities  - both outdoors and indoors (discos, rock clubs, and the like)
  • identifying predominant sources of noise
  • proposing anti-noise measures and  verifying their acoustic effect by means of a computing program
  • making noise studies  and verifying results through measurements
  • long-term noise monitoring  – continuous monitoring
  • creating noise maps of industrial premises, communities or other locations
  • providing consultations and advice on measuring physical value
  • elaborating noise studies

When measuring outdoor noise levels caused by traffic, its intensity is monitored.  To do this, our company uses automatic radars. The data measured are evaluated to provide precise statistics of traffic intensity.



In the documents section you can find our new Certificate of accreditation according to the new standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018


For our customers we offer services of waste management, for example: Implementation and operation of complex systems of waste management, classification of waste and much more ...

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