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Our company also offers services in the following areas:

IPPC – Integrated permissions 

  • Completing requests for integrated permissions for all types of companies (including all the necessary annexes)  and requests to change your IP address
  • Elaborating partial sections or separate annexes (such as comparing equipment with best available devices, dispersion studies,  service regulations, expert opinions)
  • Expert assistance in dealings with competent authorities and in evaluations of the degree of meeting the conditions of integrated permits
  • Individual consultations concerning integrated prevention 


Our staff and co-workers, including external ones, cover a range of  different specialisations, and thus our highly qualified team can offer the following services:

  • advisory services and assistance in categorising equipment
  • preparing a statement concerning a below-threshold project
  • preparing a statement on the impact on the environment
  • preparing documentation on environmental impact
  • participating in public debates on EIA, SEA documentation
  • taking care of partial document studies and analyses, which are required by administrative bodies as part of the documentation  (e.g. dispersion and noise studies, health risk assessment, biological survey, etc. )
  • representing the client in dealings with authorities and bodies involved in the EIA, SEA process

Expert opinions

We offer our authorised specialist to elaborate expert opinions for all sources of air pollution according to  Act on the protection of the air (Clean Air Act) in harmony with guideline instructions of the Czech Ministry of the Environment.

Dispersion studies

Our authorised specialist  can make dispersion studies for you according to  Act on the protection of the air.

  • making a dispersion study for gas pollutants, dust and  odour substances from a point emitter, planar or linear emitters
  • assessing the impact of operating sources of pollutants or the construction of thereof for the specific situation at a given site
  • presenting values in a tabular and graphic form (in the form of concentration isolines over a map)
  • comparing and evaluating different options of execution

Fees, reports, IRZ, ISPOP

To meet the  reporting duties of our clients we work with the  ISPOP application (the Integrated System for reporting duties) and we offer:

  • classifying sources, elaborating block diagrams
  • compiling summary production records on the basis of data from production records
  • calculating fees and charges
  • making annual mass balance of solvents, calculating  fugitive emissions
  • assisting in keeping production records and data on the use of volatile organic substances
  • authorised measurements of emissions
  • reporting to the Integrated Polluting Register
  • comprehensive expert assistance in keeping records, identifying, assessing and reporting registered substances

Service regulations, Production records

It is the duty of operators of sources of pollution to keep production records and, with some specific sources, to work out service regulations. From the scope of our services we can offer operators, who have such duties, the following:

  • preparing service regulations and production records, as well as their upgrading
  • consulting services as regards the location and formation of points for measuring 
  • expert assistance in keeping production records
  • compiling summary production records, preparing reports on fees and/or annual balances
  • elaborating plans for the introduction of principles of good farming practices
  • providing comprehensive expert advice and assistance in meeting the duties of an operator of sources of air pollution
  • providing assistance, participating or representing in meetings with state administration bodies

External ecological audit

Ecological audit is a tool of control, incorporating systematic, documented, regular and objective assessment of an organisation’s operation, control system and methods applied in the protection of the environment with an aim to:

  • make it easier for the management to control the ways of behaviour that could have an impact on the environment
  • assess adherence to the environmental  policy, including general and specific targets of an organisation in relation to the protection of the environment

Consultation activities

Drawing on many years of our experience in environmental protection, we can offer our clients expert advice and consultations in harmony with current laws and on the basis of specific requirements of the operator.


In the documents section you can find our new Certificate of accreditation according to the new standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018


For our customers we offer services of waste management, for example: Implementation and operation of complex systems of waste management, classification of waste and much more ...

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